July 3, 2012

Baby Makes Family | Westchester Lifestyle Baby and Family Photography

“I think a family becomes truly legit when they bring home baby number two.” ~Jaye McLaughlin

Tee hee … yeah, I just quoted myself.  So many people agreed with me when I wrote that with this family’s Facebook teaser image, I couldn’t resist saying it again.  It’s true, right?  When you first get married, you’re “the new couple.”  When you have your first baby, you’re “the young couple with the baby.”  It’s not until you bring home number two that you get the real cred – you’re a family.

You quickly realize that, despite all the worrying you did about this during your pregnancy, you do have enough love for two.  (Or three! Or four!).  Your attention is divided, yes, but the love doubles.  So, when you talk about your family growing, you’re saying a lot.