July 13, 2012

Announcing 2012 Holiday Mini Sessions!

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “Aren’t you at the beach?  WHY are you talking about the FALL and the HOLIDAYS?”  I know it seems a little weird, but the fact is that after sitting down with my 2012 calendar the other day, I realized that there are VERY few dates left open on the calendar.  The holiday mini sessions were really popular last year, so I want to get them planned out before there’s no more time on the calendar to do them!  And so, here we are, talking about Christmas in July.  And, drumroll please, the details of The Life in Your Years Photography’s 2012 Holiday Mini Sessions …


If you’ve been hanging around here for a while, you already know the deal with mini sessions.  Just in case you haven’t, here’s the low-down.  You come meet me at a local (Westchester) park at your assigned time on October 20th (rain date Sunday, October 21st).  We spend 20 minutes goofing around, giggling and taking photos.  A couple of weeks later, I email you the password to your online proofing gallery and you can see the 8-10 images I have chosen and edited from your session.  You choose your favorite 3 images, and I deliver them to you on a disk and send you on your way to make your 2012 holiday card.  We can also sit down together and talk about an additional order of digital files, prints or products if you like.  At $200, the mini session package is a great value, and the sessions are a lot of fun.

Now, a word about what a mini session is not.  Well, it’s not a full lifestyle session. It’s not the best for babies who can’t yet sit up, or for larger families. We’re probably not gonna have those moments where, after starting off shy and reserved, something clicks in the mind of your two year old that makes her realize that I’m her BEST friend and she really doesn’t want me to leave — you know, when I end up staying an extra half hour because we’re all having so much fun and i just know that my camera is capturing moments and expressions that, really, only mom and dad and a few of her favorite stuffed animals ever see! After which, when I see your child in the grocery store or in the nursery school parking lot, she greets me like I’m a total rock star. Sigh. I love those moments. But realistically, they’re the kind of moments that are probably going to be reserved for full lifestyle portrait sessions.

Click on the “Contact” button up top to ask me any questions or find out about availability.  And take my advice — don’t dilly dally on this.  Subscribers to my email newsletter got first dibs on the time slots a couple of days ago, so there are only a few left!