April 2, 2012

Two More Days with The New York Times!

If you follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my newsletter, you already know the reason for the giddy, distracted mood I’ve been in for the last few weeks.  I could tell you all about it with one link, (ahem:  that would be this one), but why stop there?

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the managing editor of The New York Times Magazine, Karen Farina. (That’s right! The New York Times!).  She had found my site through Moving to Westchester .com, where I had been featured back in January as the editor’s “Idea of the Day.”  (Thanks again for that, Maria!)    Karen wanted to speak to me about co-promoting The Life in Your Years Photography with the Times’ new e-commerce site, TimesLimited.   I didn’t know this at the time, but I have since learned that TimesLimited is a new e-mail program from The Times that provides members with exclusive access to unique products and experiences selected by The Times based on what they think would most interest their audience.  Since subscribing myself, I’ve gotten really great email offers to things like wine tasting events, cooking classes, and show premieres.  It’s a great way to get reminders of the hundreds of amazing things that are available to us right outside our door here in the New York Metro area — things that could easily go un-noticed as we barrel through our busy daily lives.

So! When I was able to breathe again, (you can imagine how a call from the Managing Editor of the NY Times Magazine might leave you breathless, right?), I called Karen back and we worked together on putting together a deal.  A week or so later, my offer was emailed to TimesLimited’s thousands of subscribers.  (Gulp!)  Have you seen it?  It’s running for two more days, and you can take advantage by going here.  Even if you already have your next session with me booked, you should go to the link and check out what TimesLimited is about (and gaze at my beautiful clients that are featured in the ad, too).


You may also have seen the print ad associated with the offer in last Sunday’s ’Sunday Styles’ section.  Yes, the Sunday Styles!  The section that many people I know read first!  😉 (Just when I was able to hold on to a train of thought, that knocked me for a loop again!)

My offer is running for two more days.  It has been a huge honor to be part of this promotion.  Thanks for listening!