April 18, 2012

Family Time | Westchester Family Photographer

“When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.”  ~Joyce Brothers

I’ve said here before that the highest compliment you can pay me after a session is to tell me that I made you cry — with a sneak peek, a print, or a slideshow set to a tear-jerking song.  If my photos move you, I’m happy.  Looking back over the past many months though, there’s another compliment that ranks really, really high.  This one frequently comes before a single photograph has made it off my camera.  It’s that your family had FUN together during a session.  That you showed up with one or more family member dragging his/her heels, braced for drudgery and forced smiles, and left having spent an hour together laughing and having fun, ready to enjoy the rest of the day together with a renewed appreciation for each other’s company.

This was one of those sessions.  Not that I really had to say it — just look at them!