March 20, 2012

The Perfect Baby Age | NYC Baby Photographer

Nine months is the perfect baby age.  (This baby is actually a couple of weeks shy of nine months old … but she’s advanced in her awesome-ness).  Nine month old babies can sit up, they can move around, they can roll, they can climb, they can SEE everything and everyone from a completely different angle than was ever available to them before.  And pretty much without exception, this makes them VERY HAPPY.  And perfect to photograph.

All this is before you even get into the amazingness of their bodies. Their proportions are such that they can comfortably hold themselves in poses that the most accomplished yogi could only dream of.   Perfect to photograph.  The sweet little fuzzy back rolls they had as newborns have filled out, and they’ve been joined by thigh rolls and wrist rolls and even ankle rolls.  Perfect to photograph.  But pay attention!  Because all of this moving and crawling and sitting and climbing and exploring comes at a high caloric cost.  Even with plenty of eating and multiple naps per day, that fat is melting away as we speak.  Those legs are growing longer.  Those feet are moving farther and farther away from those hands.

Don’t worry.  There are lots of good ages to come.  But none of them are like this age.  And as a first time parent, I honestly don’t think  you can appreciate how fleeting it is.

This beautiful baby was sound asleep when I arrived at her apartment bright and early one morning a few weeks back.  She greeted me with unbridled curiosity and a big friendly smile.  We spend about an hour together and by the end, she was already exhausted.  I was exhausted just watching her antics!

In a few months, she’s moving to the suburbs with her family.  I’m happy that her future self will have these photos to see where she ‘grew up’ to be a nine month old baby.