January 29, 2012

The Baltimore Baby in Brooklyn | Brooklyn Baby and Family Photographer

Now, back to the business of showing you more of the great sessions I had a the end of 2011.  You’ll remember this beautiful baby from when I photographed her back in the spring – soon after she arrived home in Brooklyn after her exciting early arrival in Baltimore.  (What?  You don’t recognize her?  Go look here and here).

I arrived at her place bright and early in the morning — which, as everyone knows, is the best time to take photos of babies; when they’re fresh from sleep and none of the pressures of being a baby have exhausted them or tainted their moods in any way.  How happy was I to see that the little sleepyhead was still snoozing!

I enjoyed  being able to capture some of her morning routine before we headed out for a walk in the neighborhood.  She’s truly a doll, and as you can see, her mom and dad are completely smitten with her.  Who wouldn’t be?