December 19, 2011

Moments of the Month | November 2011

Yeah, yeah … I know it’s December 19th.  A little late for a November recap.  Lucky for me, I’m the boss of this here blog.  And I hereby officially pronounce that the “don’t skip any months” rule is more important than the “post about each month during the early part of the following month” rule when it comes to ‘Moments of the Month’.  And my official pronouncement makes it so.  And so here we are, thinking about November.

November was a good month.  The end of soccer season, and the beginning of basketball season.  We McLaughlins went on two “nature walks”,  which we really like to do.  We visited friends at their country house.  We went to see the inflation of the massive balloons for the Thanksgiving Day parade.   Some of us were interviewed on national television (CBS and NBC!) regarding our thoughts on the big balloons.  We spent time eating turkey and listing, in turn, the things we are thankful for.  Each of us had a nice long list.  And the deep fried turkey was delicious.