November 15, 2011

Moments of the Month | October

October was … busy.  Not just with my photography business, which it was (wowza, and hooray!), but with life in general.  Here are just a few highlights, captured by my camera.

This biggest thing would have to be my BABY turning four.  This guy.

Four has always been my favorite age.  Four is the perfect age for a sidekick.  A four year old is independent and communicative enough to be good company and not a lot of work, while still having the brand-newness about him that never fails to amuse.  Kooky expressions and hilarious questions add to the charm of this particular little guy.  He’s part baby and part big kid, and he brings us all a lot of joy and entertainment.

For his birthday, we did our regular birthday thing.  A muffin party on the morning of his birthday, ice cream cake at night, and a fun little ‘race car’ party with a few of his friends.

We had more freakish weather in October — snow before Halloween!

And Halloween itself was lots of fun.  Two ghosts (or as Paul would say, “ghostes”), a Barbie Doll and a dead hippie.



You think that’s scary?

Well, I should warn you —  This next image is not for the squeamish.  Meet the newest members of the McLaughlin clan — Marcella and Silk:

Yikes.  I know.