July 8, 2011

Rainy Days

One of the things I appreciate most about spending the summer in this beach community has nothing to do with sunny days at the beach.

It rained on and off  for most of today.  The following is a non-inclusive list of games my kids played with eachother and with other kids in the neighborhood.  Wiffle ball.  Round-up.  Manhunt.  “Infected.”  Bat wars.  Gladiators.  “Zombie Tag.”  Uno.  Old Maid.  They also kept busy at things like jigsaw puzzles.  Making robot heads out of my cardboard recycling pile.  Making a ‘mailbox’ out of said recycling pile.  Writing in journals.  Reading.  Drawing a bunny with “a million ears.”  Whacking raindrops with a plastic sword.

Beats a day at the beach, if you ask me …