July 29, 2011

Introducing Holiday Mini Sessions from The Life in Your Years Photography!

Hello! First, let me acknowledge that I KNOW that almost every posting I’ve done on facebook lately has been about Christmas. And yes, I know that it’s summertime. I’m at the beach, for crying out loud! So, after this one post, I promise it’ll be all sun and surf for the next few posts, at least. I just have to get this fall scheduling thing out of my system. Have you heard? I’m all booked up for the fall. I know — can you believe it?!

But don’t worry — if you were thinking you might want to have The Life in Your Years Photography do your holiday card photo this year, all is not lost. This very post may have the solution for you.

Introducing, Holiday Mini Sessions from The Life in Your Years Photography!

I will be offering a limited number of mini sessions on the afternoon of Saturday, October 22nd (rain date October 23rd). This special package includes:

* A 20 minute outdoor session at a Westchester park (TBA)
* 8-10 image proofs in a private online gallery to choose from
* 3 images on disk with a print release
* 10% off additional prints and products

The price for the mini session package is $200.

Why a mini session? Well, the main reason for me is that I want to take your kids’ photos and all my full lifestyle sessions for Fall 2011 are booked.

What? This is not about me?

Well, the reason, then, is that this will take care of you holiday card photo!! Reserve this session, show up at the park with your kids looking spiffy, pick your faves from your password-protected mini gallery, and within a few weeks, I’ll deliver your three favorite digital images. You’ll be all set to make your card. People will oooh and ahh when it arrives in their mailboxes, and you’ll have a great memory to keep of your kids from the fall of 2011. How great is that?

Now, a wee bit of fine print about what a mini-session is not. Well, it’s not a full lifestyle portrait session. It’s not the best for babies who can’t yet sit up, or for larger families. We’re probably not gonna have those moments where, after starting off shy and reserved, something clicks in the mind of your two year old that makes her realize that I’m her BEST friend and she really doesn’t want me to leave — you know, when I end up staying an extra half hour because we’re all having so much fun and i just know that my camera is capturing moments and expressions that, really, only mom and dad and a few of her favorite stuffed animals ever see! After which, when I see your child in the grocery store or in the nursery school parking lot, she greets me like I’m a total rock star. Sigh. I love those moments. But realistically, they’re the kind of moments that are probably going to be reserved for full lifestyle portrait sessions.

So, that’s the deal. Any questions? Want to book? Email me at jaye@thelifeinyouryearsphotography.com (or just fill out the contact form in the link above) and we can chat. But listen – I’m not kidding when I say that there are only a few of these and they will book up fast! So, if you want one, please don’t hesitate!

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled summer day (and I’m off to the beach!)