June 7, 2011

Standout Mounts

Hi there!  Today, I’d like to show you standout mounts.

Standout is the perfect ready-to-hang contemporary mounting option. These look great grouped together or all on their own. The edges and sides are sleek and simple — the focus is all on the image. Basically, the photo print is treated with a protective coating and mounted on lightweight foam banded with black, white, light wood or stainless edge. There are holes in the back already — all you need to do is put a nail in the wall and you’re done.

Here are some photos:

I decided to order this photo as a 16×20 standout mount for my littlest guy’s room. (Remember that one? The one that I got this super-special recognition badge for? — Sorry, shameless plug).

And here to show you the final product is the man himself – my very own little Vannah White:

Of course, instead of a sequined dress, he’s wearing hand-me-down pants worn previously by both of his older brothers (and probably some neighbor kids in between). But don’t look at the pants! That’s not what this post is about at all! It’s about the super-cool, super-easy standout mount option for the images from your session. And Vannah would definitely have held the print a little straighter so that you’d be able to see it better. No worries, though — you can see it here! (Did I already mention that?) Notice how “Vannah’s” grubby little three-year-old fingers are touching the front of the mount, and there is no sign whatsoever of me freaking out about it. That’s because the print has been treated with a “lustre” coating that protects the print and prevents smudges and prints. After I took these photos, I just popped it back up on the wall. Easy peasy. It’s a great product!

Tune in next time — same time, same station — for more great products!