May 2, 2011

Fun | Pelham Kids Photographer

“If you have not tried these things, you should.
These things are fun, and fun is good.”
~ Dr Seuss

This session had everything going for it. Two beautiful children, a beautiful house with gorgeous light, and a spectacular day. As we walked, crawled and rolled around the house and backyard together showing off toys, playing silly pretend games and making goofy faces at eachother, I think I got some great shots that this family will enjoy for years to come. The moment that will always be cemented in my mind, though, is one that has brought a smile to my face many times since. At one point, in response to something wacky I said to engage these cherubs and capture their genuine expressions, their mom turned to them and said, “Isn’t this fun? She’s like the Cat in the Hat!” Love it…