March 18, 2011

On the Cusp of Change | Pelham Kids’ and Family Photographer

”Wherever time may take you
in your life,
remember this was beautiful.”
~”You’re So Beautiful” ♮
The Pat McGuire Band

Remember this beguiling face?

He’s got an arsenal of adorable expressions. See?

But the fact that this two year old could obviously charm himself out of any situation is not why I love this particular session.

The fact that he immediately smiled and jumped on my back when I arrived at his house a few weeks ago isn’t really the reason, either.    It’s that this day, these moments, were among the last of their kind for a while — for ever, really.

Soon after these photos were taken, the curls were shorn — this guy got a serious “big boy” hair cut.

MUCH bigger than that is the fact that any day now, he will become a big brother.    This fun family will grow to four, and in the excitement and love and adjustment and feeding and playing and sleep deprivation that are sure to follow, it’s easy to understand how the memory of these simple moments might be lost.

Except that they won’t!
Because of these photos and the memories that come sealed and packaged up with them.