Custom Framed Prints

So, I’ve been thinking about doing blog posts about the different photo products I’m offering. You’re looking at the first one in a series of sorts. Not that you haven’t seen a framed print before (and not that my product photography is anything to look at), but I’m starting out by featuring this custom framed print of a six day old lovely you may remember from a few months back.

Maybe you’re the kind of person, like me, who always has their eye out for pretty frames. In fact, maybe you’ve got an embarrassingly giant stack of frames in the back of a closet in the basement that are just waiting for the right picture (just sayin’ …). Well, if you’re that person, then you might have no interest in custom framed prints. BUT if you’re like the mom of this little beauty, maybe you know that picking out the just right frame for the front hall will never make it to the top of your to-do list, and that this gorgeous photo will be doomed to languish in the box it was delivered in for WAY too long. Also, that it will BUG you to no end to know that this is happening.

If this is you, that’s OK!  Just ask the mother of the sleeping angel above.  When I arrived at her ordering session, she knew off the bat that she wanted something ‘ready to hang’. There are several options we considered, and I’ll show them all to you in good time. But for this busy working mom, who had the exact spot in her tudor-style home all picked out for the print of her sweet and delicious fourth child, we decided that a custom traditional cherry frame was just right.

Wanna know one more reason why I posted this today? I get to see that baby again tomorrow for another session!  Can’t wait …


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