January 2, 2011

Baby in a Cloud

baby in a cloud-12, originally uploaded by jayemcl.

Right before Christmas, I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet little angel. The more I look at these, the happier I am that this little guy’s family will always have these photos to remember what he was like in that first week of his life. You see, he’s the youngest of four. But wait, there’s more. His oldest sibling is THREE and a HALF. Can you imagine the chaos? Truthfully, his mom has got it totally under control and his home was surprisingly calm during my visit. But I know how memory fades …

During the session, his mom told me about her own father who was killed in the line of duty as an NYPD detective when she was small. She asked me to include his hat in some of the photos. I think these will hold special meaning. Here’s my favorite of that bunch:

baby in a cloud-8

The seriousness in this handsome little guy’s furrowed brow reminds me of my own youngest boy. My brother once said he always looked like he was “doing math”. Here are some of my other favorites from the day (it was hard to choose only a few):

baby in a cloud-4

baby in a cloud-2-2

newborn C take 2-1

baby in a cloud-11

baby in a cloud-10

baby in a cloud-5

baby in a cloud-7

baby in a cloud-6

baby in a cloud-1